Corporate Funding

What we do?

We facilitate raising corporate Funds through Bank, NBFC, PE, Angel Investor - both Debt & Equity.

We assist you in raising fund from your lead of HNI’s & Pool of investors.

Our Specialization in Corporate funding: specialisation should actually talk about the uniqueness - may be the tie-ups with angel investors or FI or banks

  • Address Complex and competitive challenge.
  • Customized approach in line with the business model.
  • Process begins with Sharp analysis of need itself.
  • A need-based approach to identify the best option available for raising funds.
  • We possess an excellent relationship with Lender & Investors.
Solutions We Provide as part of Funding
Customised / Comprehensive solutions through a mix of funding instruments
Fresh funding, Takeover of Funding, Restructuring of funding for Mid-Cap and large Corporate
Advise companies on the optimal fundraising structure depending on its cash flows, growth prospects, industry-specific issues and nature of security and the uniqueness of their funding requirement
Type of Funding we deliver
  • Working Capital (Fund Based & Non Fund based)
  • Term Loan
  • Project Financing
  • Equipment financing
  • External Commercial Borrowings
  • Supply Chain Financing
  • Foreign currency Loans
  • Unsecured Loan
Elevate for Corporate Funding
Corporate Funding on acceptance of Service
  • 01. Collections of all the basic documents for funding
  • 02. Initial Study will be carried to understand key challenges for the ability of the proposal
  • 03. Presentation& Discussion with Promoters for any suggestion & Correction to move the proposal forward
  • 04. Discuss with appropriate Sr. officials of Banker/FI’s lenders to get an acceptance
  • 05. Sign off Mandate
  • 06. Draw Implementation & Time plan
  • 07. Preparation of information memorandum & Project reports
  • 08. Complete documentation process
  • 09. Submit the proposal to bankers
  • 10. Liaison with bankers to complete due diligence process to get the sanctions letter