Benefits of

Outsourced CFO Services

Why CFO service for YOUR Company?
01.Outsourcing professional services are a globally acceptable trend
02.Availability of experienced and high-quality CFOs is limited, against the number of new businesses
03.Challenges in managing the scale during growth phases
04. Medium-sized or low-profile companies find it difficult to attract the right talent
05.Outsourcing scalability and mileage with bankers
When to outsource CFO service?


Companies aiming for fast growth over the next 2 to 5 years


Family businesses while professionalizing and scaling up


Technocrats or professionals who must focus on the core business


In M&A, for a “Post-merger” integration
Benefits of CFO Outsourced Service?
  • Cost of outsourcing is lower than in-house CFO’s by at least 30% to 40%, depending on size and growth phase of the company
  • Outsourced CFO’s competence is with a wide gamut of Finance competencies thanks to a senior team, while in-house CFO’s are restricted to their core specialization
  • elEVAte has a support team of experts with extensive finance and industrial knowledge
  • Measurable parameters on commitments, deliverables and cost-saving
  • Focus and Commitment for cost-saving from the current scenario
  • Knowledge sharing of varied industries CFO Best Practices to benefit start-ups and mid-sized companies
  • Experts to handhold during the crisis
  • Ability to save time and ease efforts in relationships with bankers, auditors, investors, external consultants
Benefits of Outsourcing CFO