CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services

CFO service is more of a qualitative progressive outcome. The benefit for the same can be obtained in the long run for an organisation to achieve the company goal and objective.

Our CFO Service is more focused on Driving the system to ensure that it is more sustainable for the companies while it is growing. Our aim is to help the organisation to have sustainable profit growth.

Our strategy is to create a fund for working capital within an internal generation for operation. Therefore, we ensure that every money borrowed by the company is for growth prospects but not to settle with legacy issues. We trust in bringing Policy for Funding and its disbursement.

In our service, we separate the company’s challenges faced due to legacy issues and the issues that are concerned for their growth plan.

The real issues we address to SME & MSME segments like sustainable organisation structure, Strategy to be adopted for Pricing, to support on policy matters to achieve the business volume, support for their business expansion be it Horizontal and vertical. Bring a lot of value proposition by adopting financial discipline. Added to this, we also suggest the company’s people cost to be more efficient & Productive. The last one is support for decision making for all the operational issues. Our drive is to support the organisation to achieve their most practical business plan with their team strength with clarity on KRA & KPI.

The key challenges we encounter is that adaptability to Systematic and cultural change is of paramount importance. Promoters of the organisation have more apprehension for change. Promoters expecting us to deliver fast and wants qualitative reports without making a change in the culture. Therefore, it is quite a time consuming to deliver our key result areas. We are working hard on these areas to bring change.

CFO assignment Brief
We take complete charge of the CFO/ Head of Finance function. The engagement combines onsite and offsite presence. Complete ownership of the Finance & Accounts functions & reporting to the CEO, Promoters, Group CFO (in the case of a Conglomerate) and investors. CFO services are offered to companies across ownership and management structures.
We partner and mentor our clients in all aspect of strategic and financial management to achieve planned growth and address risks.
Can be offered to the companies across ownership patterns including Family Managed businesses, Private Equity/ Venture Capital backed companies, Early stage companies and Indian subsidiaries of Multinationals.
What we deliver - CFO Services
  • We assist in developing and validating strategies to make sound decisions for your growth plan in each of your projects & for forwarding & Backward integration
  • Develop Sound Management reporting systems to address all challenges. Focus to align peer teams to finance plan. Be Marketing, Branding, Sales, Executions, Delivery, Service after delivery
  • Risk Management - Develop a Pre-Alert system for any variance to budget and having an emergency plan in place to counter such event
  • Develop a Quarterly forecast system to address all dynamics involved in the market to protect profit margin & Sales Revenue. Cash flow is Key Focus
  • Develop a standard costing model to address variance to budget. We capture customers & Project wise all wastage, Overhead, Extra-ordinary expenses to recover or to eliminate
  • Value additions, Trustworthy, Cost saving
  • Stress on Working capital management study along with a recommendation to ease out.
  • We have a specialist team that works actively with Bank, private equity, venture capitalist and other investors and Pvt. Financial Institutions to arrange to fund
  • Our Service is an integrated approach to managing its uncertainties and opportunities
  • Our team of professional will deliver from global perspective aligned to many industry groups like banking, Private equity etc.
  • Risk management address regulatory and compliance risk, credit risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity risk, Corporate treasury services
  • We support on the valuation of the company
CFO Services and Scopes
  • 01
  • Develop & support Business Strategy
  • 02
  • Develop short, long range Financial forecast & Rolling Qtr. forecast
  • 03
  • Smooth Operational Cash flow Management
  • 04
  • Fund Raising – Debt & equity
  • 05
  • Robust Management Report for meaningful decision making
  • 06
  • Support on Compliance on FDI & Transfer pricing
  • 07
  • Engagement with vendors & customers on key transactions
  • 08
  • Support to negotiate/ deal for a key transaction like M&A, expansion & other key transactions
  • 09
  • Documentation of standard operating procedures and policy guidelines for process improvement
  • 10
  • Training and support for internal accountants
  • 11
  • Company Secretarial Support service
  • 12
  • Investor relationship management
  • 13
  • Cost management analysis
  • 14
  • Statutory compliance
  • 15
  • ERP implementation support
  • 16
  • Asset management advisory
  • 17
  • Auditor support
  • 18
  • Treasury management

*Scope does not include operational accounting